Looking Beyond Keyboarding Learning

Keyboarding learning is still one of the most important aspects of a student’s education. Plus, we do not live in a world where technology is more relied upon by so many. While it might sound like nothing to sneeze at, knowing how to get around a computer and a keyboard is key. Typing is essential as it is now as it was way back in the day. Even in the age where typewriters were prominent, typing was a needed skill for various occupations. Today with computers, tablets, and smartphones almost every single person has operated one or the other on a consistent basis. Keyboard learning is simply just typing. You’d be surprised by what else you can possibly learn other than just stringing words together into sentences and paragraphs.

We live in an age where pen and paper are still practiced, but has long taken the back seat for quite a while. That’s because we are more used to sending emails and texts. Sure, there are times when we hand write little messages to send a birthday card out to mom, dad, grandma, or any other family member. But to those over a certain age, they chalk it up as a lost art. 

Also, we live in an age that students are now doing their homework on their computers. They are submitting their assignments electronically via the Internet rather than the traditional pieces of paper. Tests and quizzes are rarely done just by picking up your pencil and flipping over the paper on the teacher’s signal. So it would make sense that students learn to type and hone their speed and accuracy so they can be able to write legible and easy to understand answers for such things like essay questions on tests. 

Typing was once brushed off to the side as a skill that was unneeded and only applied to those who planned on working in offices for their entire life. But typing isn’t just for office work. People can hone their writing skills in so many ways. Writing a novel, working as a journalist for a newspaper or a media outlet, or even putting together a presentation that would shape their employer’s future on how they can do business with their clients. 

Keyboarding learning should no longer be viewed as “just another typing class”. We are dealing with technology that makes things faster, simpler, and much more convenient than ever before. So it would be wise to start students early in learning how to type and even navigate a computer not just at a basic level, but with a few intermediate skills as well.

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Typesy Updates: November 2019

There were several updates made to Typesy in November of 2019. These were in an attempt to improve the admin and user interfaces of the site. The primary updates are:

Status Level Dialog 


Live Class Pause

Adaptive Learning Prompt Design

Blocky – the new Typesy character

Addition of Dyslexia Font

Each of these updates will likely have their own post to provide more information and details. We will briefly cover each one of them in this article. These updates are all key improvements to the site.

Status Level Dialog pertains to the students being addressed by their status level that they attained on the site. This is more of a motivating feature than the students trying to remember it or being notified in the class of their achievements. This function makes sure that they are constantly aware of the level of their achievement by constantly displaying their status.

All of the tweaks to the design and function of the site are meant to further engage the students and increase the ease of use for teachers. Attention-grabbing designs are important for interactive learning. This along with an easy to navigate admin section will greatly improve progress for you and your class.

Teachers now have the option of pausing a live class. This prevents students from logging on and gives the teacher time to catch up on grading or other tweaks that you may need to make to the settings. This is a helpful option that allows teachers to further regulate the progress of their class.

The Adaptive Learning Prompt Design update has improved typesy’s approach toward responding to a student’s individual data accordingly. The software has continued to increase adaptability to each student in order to increase individual improvement. This feature will produce prompts that will assist in the student’s progress, and these prompts have been updated to better grasp the student’s attention to help them improve.

Another way that Typesy has attempted to keep students engaged is with our fun new character, Blocky. Blocky will become a more prevalent part of the site and will hopefully further assist in grabbing the student’s attention and encouraging progress. This is a further attempt in motivation and incentivizing the progress of our users.

In a further attempt to provide an adaptive learning platform, Typesy has added Dyslexia font. This font is designed to be easier to read, specifically for those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. As we further improve the site adaptive learning for all individuals is a primary focus.

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Typesy In-Focus: Status Level Overhaul

Status Levels are a driving factor in motivation. Allowing a student to be able to clearly see their status is more motivating than just being told. If they can see their progress and see how far they have come from where they started they will want to continue and challenge themselves.

Here at Typesy, we have made it a point to do a full status level overhaul. It is important for students to feel empowered and motivated. 

New Trophy Graphics

How exciting is it to get a trophy? Now on Typesy users will get trophies that display the status levels they have worked so hard to reach. New levels and new achievements unlock new trophies! Nothing will motivate a student more than working hard to get the next one. 

New Home-Screen Design

Your home-screen will now display an animated odometer that shows you how far you have come in the pursuit of your goals, along with how far you have left. This feature is a fun way to keep track of your progress or the progress of your students. 

The new home screen also allows you to easily access the new “what-to-do-next” section. This will allow you to keep track of what you need to finish or what you need to do next. Altogether the home-screen will show you what you have done and how dar you have come, and what you still need to do and how far you have left to go.

More Status Level Awareness Based on Features

Now, with status level awareness features, you will never wonder if you’re doing well. Following the reward system established with trophies, there are now also features that can be unlocked by reaching milestones. 

The further you are the more customized you can get. Change your avatar and home-screen background. Gain access to newer games and have more fun! For example, the Bronze level only allows you to modify your avatar’s face, while the Diamond level allows you to change the face, eyes, hair, clothes, and more! Students will want to work harder so they can play harder, and that means improved typing all around.

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Accuracy and Speed: Touch Typing Skill to Enhance Productivity

Whether you know it or not, accuracy and speed are the two most important things that go hand in hand when it comes to typing. While getting the job done at a fast rate is a plus, we often seem to worry about how well of a job we might do in terms of quality and accuracy. The important thing to note is that you shouldn’t overthink it. Even after typing up something that needs to be done within a tight window (i.e.–deadlines) will require fast typing and even fast editing. While you may not catch the mistakes until after the fact, it’s important to not worry about mistakes as it will cause you to lose focus and veer off course. In other words, ignore the backspace key while you’re in the process of typing something. 

In a casual setting like in an email or an instant message, we don’t seem a bit rushed by figuring out what to say. However, with time being a factor the pressure can be on. That’s when your brain kicks into overdrive and you frantically figure out what needs to be written. If you have a good idea of what to write, then the “figuring out” part has already been said and done with.  

Being accurate with your spelling and grammar is key no matter what environment you’re in. Whether it’s a casual or professional message, it’s OK to be our own “grammar police”. But that doesn’t give you the green light to be hard on yourself. And by the way, you can get away with writing text acronyms like “LOL” or “OMG”. However, that’s something you probably shouldn’t send in an email to your boss or a client. 

As far as accuracy and speed go, you can give yourself a bit of leeway in a casual setting. But that doesn’t mean you should foregoing your grammar and spelling checks before hitting send. Doing it by accident is one thing, but doing it many times over may require a change in pace. 

If need be, slow down your speed and practice. Write at a steady pace and work your way up when you feel confident. That way, when you’ve built up enough speed to maintain better accuracy you’ll be able to knock out projects in a moment’s notice without breaking a sweat. In order to become better at speed and accuracy, Typsey’s Accuracy Building Course is the place where you can be able to practice and learn how to type accurately while maintaining a productive and steady speed. Even if you have to type fast, it’s better to keep yourself in check when it comes to making mistakes. 

The good news is that you can take the course as many times as you like. This way, you can build your accuracy each time you put the work in. You can keep doing it over and over again until you are absolutely confident in your abilities.

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Typesy August 2019 Update for Users

Typesy is always looking for ways to improve and make learning to type easier and more rewarding. The only way to truly move into the future and keep education fresh for students is to constantly reevaluate and adjust the user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the latest updates!

Status Level Overhaul

Typesy has done a full status level overhaul. There are more features and options now, including new trophies and two animated odometers for both typing speed and accuracy. There will no longer be any question as to how far students have progressed or how they move forward. The status of each student will be clearly displayed. This allows students and teachers to keep track of how far the student has come and lets them customize the curriculum to get them where they need to be.

Placement test

Taking a placement test will help you make the most of Typesy experience. Upon opening Typesy for the first time, you will be greeted with a dialogue box asking you to take the Typesy placement test. You can retake this test at any point in time by going to the side menu and clicking “diagnosis”. The placement test will help us determine your goals and current status.

What-to-do-next Section

The What-to-do-next section is a great feature that helps you pick up right where you left off. It also lets you know how far you are and what comes next once you are finished with the current assignment. This is a great way to stay on top of your lessons, and it helps admins keep students on track.

Typing Mastery Change

Your typing mastery level will let you see how far you have come and how far you still have to go. This will be displayed on an animated odometer. The levels are now re-labeled as novice, intermediate, master, elite, and legend. 

You will also find that you now have to reach certain mastery levels before you can access specific features, such as avatar customization and background images. Motivation is the key to success, and Typesy wants to help you be more motivated.

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How Typesy Helps Schools in Teaching Keyboarding Skills

Typesy is an amazing program that not only teaches students to type but also teaches students as they learn to type. Today’s students and classrooms are held to rigorous standards. Standardized testing has become a way for states to hold the school accountable, and if students can type they will struggle on these tests. 

Typesy knows how important it is for students to do well on these tests, and that is why the proper curriculum is used to teach along with the keyboarding. Most testing is done on the computer now, so even if a student has all the answers they will not do well if they cannot articulate those answers through typing. 

You can’t type without correct spelling. For this reason, Typesy uses real vocabulary words to practice instead of just using random letter combinations. Students love it, and because they are learning in a fun way they retain the information better than they would with standard keyboarding classes. 

This is an inclusive program. It allows students from all over the country to learn how to touch-type, which is a skill that everyone needs to have in today’s technologically advanced world. Whether the school has one computer per class and the students need to take turns, or each student has their own computer, Typesy allows the admin to determine and control how long each session is. This means that everyone can learn, and not just the students who have computers at home. 

Many of the free online typing games can be fun for children, but they can often have dangerous ads or use your student’s information for purposes outside of teaching keyboarding skills. Typesy never has ads, and your student’s information will never be shared for any reason that does not pertain to their typing classes and skill level. You can safe having Typesy in your school.

Typesy is motivating and fun for students while also allowing them to see real results in a way they can understand at any age. The fun animated odometers and clear graphs showing improvement will keep them moving forward while the trophies and awards help create an atmosphere of achievement. Typesy cares about each student, and these features allow the students to feel like they matter.

Typesy August 2019 Update for Teachers

Typesy has rolled out all new and exciting updates for the educators who use their programs! Dive in and check out the new features that allow teachers to get the most out of the Typesy program while also helping them create a more streamlined approach.

Grading Simplification

Grading your student’s work has now gotten simpler and more intuitive! There is now only one type of grader, and grading only needs to be done in the Tests and Assignments section. You can also create a grading template in which you can filter names and values, with an additional line chart to make the process easier. 

Class Overview Tab

Teachers can now enjoy a way to get a solid overview of each class. You can see how many students and teachers are in each class. You can also see the assignments and tests that have been taken by that class. Now you never have to worry about anyone falling behind the rest of the class.

Subscription Reminder

From now on, there will be a reminder at the top of the admin screen letting you know when your subscription to Typesy will expire and reminding you to renew it. Now you don’t have to worry about an accidental lapse. 

Typing Mastery Change

From now on, typing mastery levels will be displayed on an animated odometer display. Students will also be limited in what features they can use based on their typing mastery, which will further motivate them to improve. There are also new labels, including Novice, intermediate, master, elite, and legend.

Tour Check

Typesy has now provided a tour of the admin interface within the home screen, users, classes, class, account, and support. This will allow you to navigate the program quickly and easily so you can focus on your students.

Universal Help Button

There is a Help button on the top right corner of the admin interface. This button will give you the options of tour current page, submit bug/feedback, and support. This is designed to ensure you can easily navigate the program, and get help if you need it.

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Typesy EDU: Key Recording and Replay

As the leading online software for the touch typing curriculum, Typesy is devoted to appealing not only to students but also to teachers. Its features are crafted to allow instructors to have a hands-on approach towards an internet-based education. The Typesy team continues to refine and surpass them by releasing updates and new material regularly. 

The latest Key Recording and Replay option is catered towards instructor admin-users. It is primarily designed to enable a wider access to a class typing statistics. Here, users can view each student’s test performance and course performance in the test results screen and Student Progress screen respectively. 

To view test replay simply click on the Admin tab at the center of your Typesy home screen. You will then be redirected to the EDU version of your account. Once there, select “Classes” on the left side of your screen and choose your desired class. Then, click on “Tests and Assignments” and choose a test. A window will pop up where you can view each student’s test performance using the replay option at the right-hand corner. 

To view course step replay, first access the home screen of the EDU version of your Typesy account. Click the “Students” tab at the center of your screen and choose a student. Select “Student Dashboard” and then “Progress.” Not only will you be able to view their overall proficiency for a certain course, but also a breakdown of their performance in every lesson as well as the option to replay them.

Teaching becomes more meaningful when educators are able to see how much they have helped their students improve. Typesy’s latest updates makes this possible for teacher users, enabling them to accompany their students’ typing journey one lesson at a time.

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The How, When, What, Who, and Where of Learning Touch Typing

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

In this millennium, there’s no way to escape the keyboard. No matter where you look, kids everywhere are typing, typing, typing!

Now, look at your children. That’s right, they’re next. And it’s your job to teach them.

Not sure where to start? We can help. Let’s start by answering the five most basic questions you may have: What, When, Who, Where, and How?

What is touch typing?

Touch typing describes an ability that people develop to navigate keys on the keyboard with looking by using muscle memory.  Touch typing is a skill, something to be perfected through practice. It is this generation’s version of handwriting. And, if you were born just recently, it’s something that will be required of you in your personal and professional life. We’ll expound on that in the next question…

When can you learn touch typing?

You can learn how to touch type at any age. However, as we mentioned above, typing is now required to be taught in schools. The Common Core for students as established by the Department of Education states that a student must have started learning the skill of touch typing by the third grade. Third graders aren’t expected to master the skill, but they should grasp the basics. These days, touch typing should be learned at a young age, so kids are meeting their educational benchmarks. Parents can start teaching their children once they’ve reached elementary school, ideally around the first grade. Of course, if you’re older than this, don’t worry – you can still learn this important skill!

Who can learn touch typing?

There is no age limit as to who can learn touch typing, but it is recommended to people as young as 7 years of age. In the words of Hannah Montana, you just have to “do it again till you get it right.”

How can you teach touch typing?

Choose your device. Although you can touch type anywhere, it is most effective when you use a full keyboard, rather than your phone’s tiny screen. Make sure to allot time regularly to practice touch typing with your kiddos. 30 minutes each week would be most advisable (or more if your kid wants). Practice typing posture, then teach them about the home row. Give them practice materials like song lyrics or book extracts to copy over. If all’s well, you can move on to…

Where can you touch type?

There’s a wonderful typing program online called Typesy that teaches kids how to learn while having fun. With their numerous courses, kids can watch typing videos and practice the necessary skills at the same time! Their games are highly educational and addicting, so your kid will type and type – and enjoy it. Typesy is cloud based so you can have up to five user accounts in any device. Typesy ensures mastery in less than two weeks with only five minutes of use daily.

Now that you know, it’s time for you to go to it. Happy typing!

Typesy Accessibility: Mouse-Free Support and Voiceover

At Typesy, we are always looking for ways to make your life and learning easier. With our new updates, your typing is less than a click away.

Yes, you read that right, updates. With an s. Because we didn’t add just one, we added two new amazing features to this app.

Introducing (cue drum rolls, please) the new Mouse-Free Support and Voiceover features!

Voiceover Feature

This new feature, when activated, will read out to you every word and character in games and activities in the software. Siri, who? Alexa, what? This feature will make it easier for any and all kinds of users – that includes you – to learn how to type. It’s especially perfect for students who learn through audio guides, giving them a better avenue for them to learn, plus it makes games more fun and exciting! Imagine playing Ztype (our app’s latest game) with this feature – the pressure is on!

Mouse-Free Support

With our new Mouse-Free Support, you can access Typesy using only your keyboard. How crazy is that? This is the typing app that uses your keyboard in more ways than just typing. Want to play a video? Spacebar! Want to hide your keyboard? Down arrow! Want to play a game? Ctrl + P! It’s that simple and that effective. 

So what are you waiting for? With these cool new features there’s no time to waste! So grab that keyboard (no need for the mouse) and TYPE AWAY!

Did you find the new features interesting and exciting? Let us know what you think!

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