Typesy August 2019 Update for Teachers

Typesy has rolled out all new and exciting updates for the educators who use their programs! Dive in and check out the new features that allow teachers to get the most out of the Typesy program while also helping them create a more streamlined approach.

Grading Simplification

Grading your student’s work has now gotten simpler and more intuitive! There is now only one type of grader, and grading only needs to be done in the Tests and Assignments section. You can also create a grading template in which you can filter names and values, with an additional line chart to make the process easier. 

Class Overview Tab

Teachers can now enjoy a way to get a solid overview of each class. You can see how many students and teachers are in each class. You can also see the assignments and tests that have been taken by that class. Now you never have to worry about anyone falling behind the rest of the class.

Subscription Reminder

From now on, there will be a reminder at the top of the admin screen letting you know when your subscription to Typesy will expire and reminding you to renew it. Now you don’t have to worry about an accidental lapse. 

Typing Mastery Change

From now on, typing mastery levels will be displayed on an animated odometer display. Students will also be limited in what features they can use based on their typing mastery, which will further motivate them to improve. There are also new labels, including Novice, intermediate, master, elite, and legend.

Tour Check

Typesy has now provided a tour of the admin interface within the home screen, users, classes, class, account, and support. This will allow you to navigate the program quickly and easily so you can focus on your students.

Universal Help Button

There is a Help button on the top right corner of the admin interface. This button will give you the options of tour current page, submit bug/feedback, and support. This is designed to ensure you can easily navigate the program, and get help if you need it.

Let your students enjoy learning how to properly touch type with Typesy EDU Now!

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Typesy EDU: Key Recording and Replay

As the leading online software for the touch typing curriculum, Typesy is devoted to appealing not only to students but also to teachers. Its features are crafted to allow instructors to have a hands-on approach towards an internet-based education. The Typesy team continues to refine and surpass them by releasing updates and new material regularly. 

The latest Key Recording and Replay option is catered towards instructor admin-users. It is primarily designed to enable a wider access to a class typing statistics. Here, users can view each student’s test performance and course performance in the test results screen and Student Progress screen respectively. 

To view test replay simply click on the Admin tab at the center of your Typesy home screen. You will then be redirected to the EDU version of your account. Once there, select “Classes” on the left side of your screen and choose your desired class. Then, click on “Tests and Assignments” and choose a test. A window will pop up where you can view each student’s test performance using the replay option at the right-hand corner. 

To view course step replay, first access the home screen of the EDU version of your Typesy account. Click the “Students” tab at the center of your screen and choose a student. Select “Student Dashboard” and then “Progress.” Not only will you be able to view their overall proficiency for a certain course, but also a breakdown of their performance in every lesson as well as the option to replay them.

Teaching becomes more meaningful when educators are able to see how much they have helped their students improve. Typesy’s latest updates makes this possible for teacher users, enabling them to accompany their students’ typing journey one lesson at a time.

Learn touch typing the right way with Typesy!

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The How, When, What, Who, and Where of Learning Touch Typing

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

In this millennium, there’s no way to escape the keyboard. No matter where you look, kids everywhere are typing, typing, typing!

Now, look at your children. That’s right, they’re next. And it’s your job to teach them.

Not sure where to start? We can help. Let’s start by answering the five most basic questions you may have: What, When, Who, Where, and How?

What is touch typing?

Touch typing describes an ability that people develop to navigate keys on the keyboard with looking by using muscle memory.  Touch typing is a skill, something to be perfected through practice. It is this generation’s version of handwriting. And, if you were born just recently, it’s something that will be required of you in your personal and professional life. We’ll expound on that in the next question…

When can you learn touch typing?

You can learn how to touch type at any age. However, as we mentioned above, typing is now required to be taught in schools. The Common Core for students as established by the Department of Education states that a student must have started learning the skill of touch typing by the third grade. Third graders aren’t expected to master the skill, but they should grasp the basics. These days, touch typing should be learned at a young age, so kids are meeting their educational benchmarks. Parents can start teaching their children once they’ve reached elementary school, ideally around the first grade. Of course, if you’re older than this, don’t worry – you can still learn this important skill!

Who can learn touch typing?

There is no age limit as to who can learn touch typing, but it is recommended to people as young as 7 years of age. In the words of Hannah Montana, you just have to “do it again till you get it right.”

How can you teach touch typing?

Choose your device. Although you can touch type anywhere, it is most effective when you use a full keyboard, rather than your phone’s tiny screen. Make sure to allot time regularly to practice touch typing with your kiddos. 30 minutes each week would be most advisable (or more if your kid wants). Practice typing posture, then teach them about the home row. Give them practice materials like song lyrics or book extracts to copy over. If all’s well, you can move on to…

Where can you touch type?

There’s a wonderful typing program online called Typesy that teaches kids how to learn while having fun. With their numerous courses, kids can watch typing videos and practice the necessary skills at the same time! Their games are highly educational and addicting, so your kid will type and type – and enjoy it. Typesy is cloud based so you can have up to five user accounts in any device. Typesy ensures mastery in less than two weeks with only five minutes of use daily.

Now that you know, it’s time for you to go to it. Happy typing!

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Typesy Accessibility: Mouse-Free Support and Voiceover

At Typesy, we are always looking for ways to make your life and learning easier. With our new updates, your typing is less than a click away.

Yes, you read that right, updates. With an s. Because we didn’t add just one, we added two new amazing features to this app.

Introducing (cue drum rolls, please) the new Mouse-Free Support and Voiceover features!

Voiceover Feature

This new feature, when activated, will read out to you every word and character in games and activities in the software. Siri, who? Alexa, what? This feature will make it easier for any and all kinds of users – that includes you – to learn how to type. It’s especially perfect for students who learn through audio guides, giving them a better avenue for them to learn, plus it makes games more fun and exciting! Imagine playing Ztype (our app’s latest game) with this feature – the pressure is on!

Mouse-Free Support

With our new Mouse-Free Support, you can access Typesy using only your keyboard. How crazy is that? This is the typing app that uses your keyboard in more ways than just typing. Want to play a video? Spacebar! Want to hide your keyboard? Down arrow! Want to play a game? Ctrl + P! It’s that simple and that effective. 

So what are you waiting for? With these cool new features there’s no time to waste! So grab that keyboard (no need for the mouse) and TYPE AWAY!

Did you find the new features interesting and exciting? Let us know what you think!

Let your kids enjoy learning how to properly touch type with Typesy Now!

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How Can Adults Learn Touch Typing

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

New technologies keep coming out, and pretty quickly you start to realize that you are in a pickle – you aren’t catching up. This generation is getting further away from you with all their new toys, gizmos, and thingamabobs, and you start thinking, “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks. I’m in trouble!”

But you should hold that thought right there. Hold it – then throw it away. Because even the oldest of dogs can learn the skill of touch typing. It just takes the right methods and tips for you to get in the groove! This article will hopefully get you barking up the right tree.

Step 1: Pre-Assessment

Before you can know what to do better, you have to know what skills you need to improve. There are numerous typing assessments online that can help you test your typing speed. These websites usually measure your Words Per Minute (WPM) as the rate of speed. They also test your accuracy. Misspelled words do not count toward your overall WPM count. Once the time is done, you will be ranked from beginner to professional depending on how good you are. With Typesy, we always aim for professional.

Step 2: Necessities

Now that you know where you stand, let’s talk about how you sit. It may be overlooked, but your posture will help improve your typing. So, sit properly and comfortably on a chair with a back. Don’t slouch. Keep your elbows at a 30 degree angle. All five fingers must be used in typing. Take note of the HOME ROW. These are the ten keys your hands must always start and end with, and it makes navigation easier for your fingers. Each finger will have corresponding letters to press to hasten things up. For your convenience, have a picture of a color-coded keyboard nearby while you type as a reference. 

Step 3: Method of Learning

Now that you’ve got those elements out of the way, it’s time to get on the web. You may opt to enroll in typing classes in your vicinity, but an online typing course will make you your own mentor and will allow you to proceed at your own speed. Typesy is known as the top website by online reviewers. Its advanced technology and multiple courses, challenges, and games will help any kind of learner. Typesy is cloud based and allows up to five accounts to use the same device! Typesy also has a SEN feature which incorporates all your senses in learning how to type. Typesy’s videos are professionally made and the games are irresistibly fun. The best part is: they ensure mastery in less than two weeks with only five minutes of use daily!

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but they can learn skills. People say that life starts at 40; touch typing can, too! What are you waiting for? Type away!

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Typesy rated 5-stars by the Educational App Store

We’re thrilled to share that the Educational App Store, the leading independent certification body for educational apps, has certified Typesy and rated us 5-stars. Typesy has been included in this exciting list of Best Typing apps.

The Educational App Store uses experienced and practicing teachers to carry out app certifications and reviews. They score individual apps against their unique rubrics’ learning criteria, and only the very best apps receive their prestigious 5-star rating. Their reviews cover every aspect of the app – from effectiveness to user experience.

Expert teacher review highlights that Typesy is described as “an extremely well-presented app with a powerful learning system that empowers the user to learn to type at their own pace”. The reviewer praises our typing courses for being “well structured” and “engaging” with advanced tracking stats and adaptive learning techniques.

In terms of specific features, the reviewer writes that the ability to create your own lessons and share lessons with friends and family. They also highlight our video tutorials, as one of our stand-out features that make Typesy “an effective tool for all typing goals.”

Click here to read the full Typesy review.

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Typesy is Now on Nearpod

Although individuals can make tremendous progress working on their own, we work faster and better in collaboration with others. Here at Typesy, we are delighted to be able to work with talented brands and software to offer you the best, most advanced experience possible.

This month, Typesy is proud to announce its integration with Nearpod. Nearpod is a web-based app that allows students and teachers to effectively engage with one another. Teachers can create creative classroom presentations that students can access through codes. Its main goal is to promote more innovative presentation approaches, whether those in control are teachers or students.

Typesy’s collaboration with Nearpod is specially made for our teacher users. The Nearpod integration allows them to use any of the course steps without tracking. This means that they have the option to access the program and take a quick peek at its look.

The Nearpod integration has made considerable changes to several elements of Typesy’s content, particularly to student activities. It has been incorporated on to several of the courses, starting with the Lesson Introduction. Other changed elements include the Typing Activity, video lessons, and the Dictation Activity. A prominent upgrade is to the games, like Falling Words, Speed Builder, and the Letter Train. The content and quality of our activities will remain the same in spite of these significant changes, so there is no need to worry. 

Typesy wishes to make our typing lessons fun even for our teachers. Working with Nearpod is a great way for two educator-friendly brands to produce software that will make teaching touch typing as easy as possible. We hope that you will like the latest upgrade, and look forward to the next exciting collaboration.

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Life Skills that Students and Professionals Need to Succeed

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

An interesting part on all resumes, be it for work or school, is the skills section. Skills are divided into hard skills and soft skills. Soft skills are intangible and immeasurable skills relating to communication, attitude, and adeptness. Here are five vital soft skills every student and professional need that go beyond the basic: 

1) Teamwork and Delegation

Every profession and academe requires interpersonal relationships in one form or another. You will have to strengthen camaraderie within your team, and diffuse tensions and conflicts if necessary. Leadership abilities also prove to be very alluring in your skill set, as you are telling employers that you are not only capable of cooperating with, but also managing a team.

2) Confidence

One way to enhance your teamwork skills is by being confident. Confidence in yourself and your skills will gain you the respect of your colleagues, which contributes to improving the productivity and precision of the workplace. It is possible for you to hone and develop your confidence if you feel that you are lacking. Practiced habits and sheer positivity can produce the self-esteem boost that you desire.

3) Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is not limited to simple problem solving. It involves analyzing a situation or product’s flaws before there is a problem that needs to be solved. When producing solutions, you will have to be willing to pursue extensive amounts of research or conceiving original ones of your own. To critical thinkers, utilizing the available resources is as important as going outside the box. 

4) Organization and Management

Achievers who wish to undergo great tasks have to understand how to effectively handle them. Managing your time and resources will make it easier to handle your responsibilities. Knowing how to organize your priorities is also a useful aide. Possessing this skill will not only impress your bosses, but will also considerably lighten your workload. Failing to employ strategic organization and management burdens even the most capable of workers with critical mistakes.

5) Communication

It is a general must in life to be able to clearly communicate your ideas with others. This extends to verbal, non-verbal, and written forms. It involves learning the elements of speech, employing proper form, and grasping what are the most appropriate words to use in a given situation. Since communication is a basic skill, there are higher expectations for promising students and professionals to have mastered it.


Electronic correspondence as a form of written communication has become the norm. Because of that, touch typing has become a professional requirement. It allows you to type swiftly on the keyboard with the use of muscle memory. This skill can help you gain the soft skills listed above, like organization and communication. Those new to the concept can start with Typesy, an online touch typing software that can transform even the most clueless beginners into master typist.

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April 2019 Updates for Users

Online Renewal and Subscription Screen

We now offer you the option to renew, extend, or upgrade your subscription or free trial on the same screen.

Key Recording and Replay

Key recording and replay merges preference and performance as admins are given the ability to access the course performance of their students in the Student Progress screen.

Vocabulary/Spelling Exercise Support

This feature allows users to practice their touch typing skill through varied word lists, a new mutation of our vocabulary training program Vocab 1.

Public Profile Page

With one click, you can add your age to your profile. The public profile page lets users exhibit and certify credentials to employers along with their typing speeds and rates.

Check out John Smith’s typing speed with his profile being made public: https://www.typesy.com/type/users/94/john-smith

NearPod Integration

NearPod, an interactive classroom, is our latest partner. This partnership allows NearPod to use any of our course steps without tracking.

Mouse Free Support

If your mouse suddenly stops working, we’ve got your back. With keyboard shortcuts, Typesy can still be accessed on your PC with no delay and no questions. The picture below will show you how to use this new feature:

GUI Update

We took action by compressing all buttons into a dropdown menu named “Class Actions.”

Default Grading Templates

We want to help you out as you offer feedback to your students, so we have made some default grading templates that will help you speed up your process.

Separate First and Last Name

Now you can match your birth certificate with your Typesy profile.

Print function for user screen reports

This new feature will help you save some clicks, as there is now a button that allows you to print your reports or save them as PDFs.

Error Count Column

We make no mistakes in letting you know your mistakes with the new “Error Count” column in your Test Results dialog.

Interactive curriculum as Default curriculum

Our Interactive curriculum is now the default curriculum for all users.

Design Update – Main typing activities

Our main typing activities will now be available using the design pictured below. The image beside the keyboard is only visible if the course step is in the transdisciplinary column.

Screen layout update

We have made minor adjustments to the “Recommended” and “Help” buttons, which are now on the top left side of the screen. The Game screen now occupies most of the screen, and the Auto switch is no longer available.

Class Hall of Fame 

Fame never tasted so good with the three new options for the Hall of Fame. The Global feature allows you to see which users are the best globally while Class lets you see the top users in your class. The off button disables both.


Fun, exciting, and undeniably addicting: Battlestar Galactica meets touch typing. Ztype will surely be your type!

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Replacing Handwriting With Touch Typing: Is It Necessary?

In this generation, personal computers and cellular devices rule. Is there any space left for traditional handwriting in a world like this one? Because of Microsoft Word, Quizlet, and styluses, it seems like handwriting is about to go where the dinosaurs and the Dodos went – the land of extinction.

However, even though we can replace handwritten text with technology, we can’t replace the sentimental part of handwriting – the cursives, the personality that comes across in every note written by a parent, historical records, diaries, journals. The emotion in these handwritten pieces can’t be replicated by Helvetica and Arial. Handwriting is like a fingerprint – something unique to everyone that is part of identity.

Both handwriting and typing are effective ways to take notes and produce records, but which is necessary for students in this day and age? A Princeton University researcher noted that note taking using the keyboard is faster and more accurate than doing so using a regular pen and paper. For this, keyboarding gets the point.

But is it helpful?

A group of students were divided in two, with one taking notes traditionally and the other technologically. They were told to study their material then take an exam. The students who had handwritten notes scored better than those who did it by key and click. The researchers discovered that handwriting notes actually “enhances student’s ability to learn, conceptualize, and retain information” as compared to typing.

This debate can go on and on, but the question will never truly be answered. That is because both are necessary. Children don’t receive phones the minute they begin to process and produce information – they receive pens. Or pencils. Or crayons. Once they grow up, they are handed a keyboard. They must learn both, strengthen both, and use both.

These days you need to dive into both territories. Handwriting will be learned in class the traditional way, but you’ll need technology to work a technological script. That’s where online courses like Typesy come in. You can practice and practice how to type daily or weekly depending on your skill. Resources like this will help you get the hang of touch typing.

Tradition may tell you one thing, innovation other, but what your child needs is not to stick to the past – it’s to learn something new.

Learn touch typing the right way with Typesy!

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