Top 3 Activities to Help Your Employees be More Productive

An important part of running a successful business is to have productive employees. This requires you as a business owner to make sure that your employees are well trained for the tasks they need to complete and are healthy and happy. The following are the top 3 activities that encourage productivity:

Promote Training and Learning

Encourage Breaks

Team Building Activities

Training and Learning Promotion

The top way to ensure that you have a productive workforce is to make sure that they are properly trained for the job at hand. This, however, is not only to ensure that the individuals who work for you are capable of a job well done but also to encourage their personal growth as overall individuals. Different training and skills development activities can show your employees that you are interested in their personal development as well as they are on the job training. Many of these types of activities will teach several life skills as well as job training.

A knowledgeable employee is generally happier and healthier as they tend to feel more accomplished and helpful to their peers. The reason this is the top activity is because of all of the positive byproducts that are received from well trained and skillful employees. This is a sure-fire way to grow and improve your business.

Encourage Breaks

The number two activity to ensure a more productive workforce is to encourage your employees to take breaks. This does not simply mean that they should just stop working for arbitrary intervals of time. Breaks should be centered around socializing with coworkers and interacting with the people they don’t normally interact within their routine job functions.

This is a great way to build a unified team within your business as it encourages everyone to get along. An overall cooperative work environment is a productive one as well. It is important to encourage socializing and friendliness whenever you can as an employer.

Team Building Activities

To further ensure a unified front, the third top activity is team-building exercises. These are often activities that do not necessarily focus as much on the product of the company as much as it does on co-workers placing their trust in each other. Setting aside time for these exercises are crucial for a productive and smooth-running company.

All of these activities will ensure a more cooperative and knowledgeable workforce. This is extremely helpful in running a productive and successful business.

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Typesy in Focus: Real-Time Changes

The real-time changes made to Typesy have been shown to greatly improve the overall experience for students and administrators on the site. the ability to see your results in real-time as students is a great motivator. The ability of instructors to make real-time changes has also shown to help the entire class.

Motivation and efficiency seem to be the two most important results of the real-time changes updates on the site. the motivation factor has mainly displayed by students being able to see their status on the site in real-time. This allows them to track their progress and try to improve.

There are many incentives in the assignment and games on the site that encourage students to improve their status. One of the key changes is the ability for students to customize their personal avatar based on their status. This is a driving factor in increased engagement on the site.

Being able to see where they stand in real-time is a great incentive for students to improve. This also helps teachers see which students need more instruction. Both the teacher and the student having this information is extremely helpful.

There is a great value in a student knowing where they stand on their own as opposed to the teacher simply revealing their standing to them. this also frees up the teacher to skip the revelation of progress and what that entails and go straight into assisting the particular student with improving their skills. The real-time changes have done a lot to streamline the learning and teaching experience.

The admin settings are also an important improvement for the site as the teacher or administrator can update what the students see in real-time. This is useful for the administrator to keep the whole class on the same page. Also, the ability to post different assignments and tests greatly improves the teacher’s productivity level.

The improved interactivity of Typesy has greatly increased the potential for overall growth in the typing education process. Real-time functions are a key part of being able to improve the efficiency of learning and lesson plans. The importance of computers in education has become a key focus point over the last decade.

This means that interactive online learning is a great way for teachers and students to stay ahead of the curve. With the induction of computers into testing and almost every subject in school, the importance of this progress cannot be overstated.  

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Are Games a Great Way to Learn Typing?

If you need to learn how to type, or how to type faster, there are some games that will help to practice typing much more interesting than repeatedly typing “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog”.

Whether you are teaching a young child how to type for the first time, or you are an adult who has yet to master the skill, here are a few reasons playing some games online could be a great way to master how to type:

Games Let You Have Fun!

Fun means you are more likely to stick with something and not give up on it after a short period of time! It takes a long time and a lot of practice to master any skill, and playing games along the way will help keep your brain engaged and keep your interest while you are typing. Everyone would rather be typing to beat a clock or an opponent instead of just typing the same phrase over and over and over again. That would get boring after a while!

Your Coordination Will Improve

Once you understand the concepts behind typing, where the keys are laid out, how to use the Function keys, the numeric keypad, etc., it is all about mastering your hand-eye coordination. Playing typing games will help with that. To be clear, we are not talking about playing another round of Call of Duty. There are specific games designed to help improve typing and they will also improve hand-eye coordination.

Games Can Teach Tou Skills That Will Help in Other Areas of Your Life

Hand-eye coordination, for example, will help you accomplish other tasks besides just typing. If you are teaching young students how to type, losing at a game will also help them learn to face a setback and overcome it, which will be useful later in life.

Games Set a Goal

Instead of repeatedly typing, again and again, playing a game can give you, or your students, a goal to achieve. While it might seem insignificant, working towards a goal is known to improve motivation and make it easier to learn a skill like typing. Would you rather work towards a goal of typing so many words per minute faster than you did before, or would you rather type aimlessly with no way to track your progress?

There is no Punishment

Kids, and people, do not typically respond well to punishment. It has its place in certain situations, but teaching a young kid how to type generally is not one of them. Positive reinforcement is a better tactic. Games help reinforce what works and what does not, without making the player feel like they did something wrong. In most cases, they can just restart the game and learn immediately how to fix the mistake they made, which is better for long-term learning.

Games Give Motivation

Not only do games not punish the player, but they serve as a reason to get better. Who hasn’t played a video game and spent far too many hours trying to level up? Repeatedly getting denied the same goal over and over again makes you want to jump right back in the ring and try again. This also leads to great satisfaction when you finally master the skill that you needed to beat the game!


Games should absolutely be involved as part of learning typing for everyone! Especially if you are teaching young children who already have a notoriously low attention span, incorporating games into your typing training can be a great way to keep them involved in learning, and excited to perfect their typing skills.

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Keyboard Turned Into A Cool Accessory

Create your own statement piece with the things you can find at home. Have an extra keyboard? Watch this video on how you can turn it into a cool accessory. Not only does it enhances your artistic side, but it also contributes to society through recycling.

Original post by Boy Geeks Girl

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Typesy in Focus: Hall of Fame

In October of 2017, Typesy added a new feature for teachers to assist them in incentivizing and tracking the progress of their students. This feature is known as the Typesy Hall of Fame. This feature displays the top 50 students of the week in terms of their progress.

The Hall of Fame allows students to see their progress as the top 50 points earners for the week are displayed on the board. The hall of fame displays two boards, these are the previous and current boards which show the top 50 points earners from last week and the current week. 

This is a great feature to incentivize progress of the students as their points are tallied on the current board in real-time. The previous board from the previous week is updated every Sunday. It is important to note that only the points from the week are tallied and not the overall points of users. 

The way to get into the settings of the class Hall of Fame for a teacher is as follows. This is of course on the admin part of the website and is under the class hall of fame options. From this point, you have three options on how to tweak your hall of fame boards. These options are:




The Global option, when selected will display the global hall of fame data for the weeks. This pertains to the point totals of all Typesy EDU users around the globe. This provides a fun perspective for the students to see where they may rank globally.

The Class option displays the results only within your class. This is the option that would be preferred if you are interested in only putting up a comparison amongst your particular class. This will not post the data from any other classes or other schools.

The Off option disables the Hall of Fame. If for some reason you do not wish for your students to be able to view the Hall of Fame data, this option will allow you to completely disable the section. Students will not be able to see how their data ranks up against any of their peers, either in their class or elsewhere in the world.

This is an optional function that some teachers may find helpful in motivating their students to achieve the best results that they can. Although, if you wish not to introduce too much competition into the classroom this function can be turned off. 

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Hide Your Valuables In A Keyboard

If ever you keep on misplacing or losing valuables, a keyboard is a good idea to hide it. No one will suspect you placed something there and you will never forget it too especially if you often use computers. This video will show you how to do it.

Original post by kipkay

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7 Ways to Keep Students Focused with Each Typing Lesson

If you are teaching students how to type and find that they get distracted easily, we have some ideas on how you can help your students stay focused during each typing lesson.

Physical activity is important. While you are teaching a sedentary skill that has students at their desks for long periods of time, you still want to find ways to get kids active and get the blood pumping. This is known to increase focus and brain activity. You can do short spurts and just do easy tasks like jumping jacks or jogging in place.

Add some music to the lesson. Like physical activity, music is known to increase focus and improve thinking. Try some subtle background music while your students are typing. Keep it low-key like jazz or classical so nobody gets carried away with dancing and gets distracted! (Typesy will be adding this feature soon)

Adjust your expectations of attention. If you have ever tried to train a puppy and find that you get about 10 sections of attention for every 10 minutes of chasing a leaf or a paper bag, you know the feeling of distraction. Kids are growing and maturing and cannot devote 12-hour blocks of time to reading War and Peace. Try short 5 minute blocks of typing, and then mix in some games or other activities.

Take away what distractions you can. While you should anticipate a short attention span, that doesn’t mean you should not remove as many distractions as you can. If your students are focused, try to make that last as long as you can. Take away visual cues in the room that might distract them. Do not have games out that they can spot and want to play with. Hide the games and toys and bring them out when they have earned a reward or it is time for a break.

Play some typing games. A lot of tasks are more fun if you can find ways to make them competitive or enjoyable. This does not mean you have to offer Olympic gold medals for typing the fastest or punish the kid who does the worst. You might find ways to encourage some friendly banter and help set goals they will want to work hard to achieve, which will, in turn, improve their typing. 

Simplify the process. If you are attempting to teach a big lesson, your students to not have to know how big the lesson is. Break things into smaller components, so they can process the instruction better and feel a sense of accomplishment after a shorter task. And, you’ll feel better too since you can check off a small piece of instruction!

Focus on improving memory. Not all of your typing instructions have to be about typing. Half the battle is muscle memory and remembering where your fingers should move as they are moving. When your students get bored with typing, find ways to work on their memory. Play some games that work on memory. Depending on the age level you are working with, this can be as simple as an old-fashioned game of Simon Says!


While teaching a young student any task like typing can be difficult, if you are able to minimize distractions and properly build in some activities, you can help your students focus on typing. Typing can be monotonous, so finding ways to spice it up can be the key to avoiding boredom! You might find some kids struggle more than others, and that’s ok. Maybe have some extra games or tricks for those that need it.

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Why Typing With All Fingers is Better than Hunt and Peck

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Typing with all fingers is going to help you be a faster and more accurate typist than if you typed by hunt and peck using only one or two fingers. You will be able to type without looking at the keyboard and focusing on your task at hand, which is going to make you more efficient. Here are the ways in which typing effectively with all fingers is better than using just one or two fingers: 


If you have to constantly look at your hands while you are typing, you cannot also be looking at a document, a book, or talking to someone that is dictating their needs to you. If you are able to use all your fingers to type, then you can act as a scribe for someone that is talking, or look at a book or different computer monitor to merge and bring different documents together. If you are not looking at your hands while you are typing, you will be more efficient. 


It is usually just a simple matter of mathematics. Typing with 10 fingers is going to be quicker than typing with 1 finger. When using the traditional Words Per Minute metric, people typing with all 10 fingers versus just one or two are exponentially faster than if you just hunt and peck and use one or two fingers. You will be able to type more Words Per Minute using 10 fingers than by hunting and pecking.


While it might seem like taking more time and typing with one or two fingers would make you more accurate, the opposite is actually true. More typing mistakes are made by people typing with few fingers. When you learn how to type using the QWERTY keyboard, you make fewer mistakes because you have trained yourself to use muscle memory and type at ease. This is more effective than staring at the keyboard while you try to type using one or two fingers. 


Depending on how much typing you do, you could be facing more serious injuries by typing with only one or two fingers. The same amount of typing spread out of two wrists and 10 fingers are going to cause fewer injuries than if you do it all with just two fingers. Repetitive injuries are bound to occur, and you could end up being unable to type while your fingers heal. You also are less likely to incur a neck injury from angling your head down to stare at the keyboard while you type. 

Do not Underestimate Looking Elsewhere

When you think of hunting and pecking typing, you might not also think of staring at the keyboard. But, most people that type with one or two fingers are staring at the keyboard while they are typing. Unless you are a writer thinking of fiction off the top of your head, most times you are typing, you need to be looking elsewhere. You might be looking at a person talking to you, a second computer monitor with a spreadsheet you are summarizing or making a PowerPoint presentation for your boss. In any case, it is best to free up your eyes from looking at the keyboard. 


If you do not learn the right typing skills at a young age in life, it can seem like a daunting task to jump in and learn how to type correctly. However, it is well worthwhile to take the time to learn. Your typing accuracy, efficiency, and speed will all increase by learning to type with all your fingers than if you continue to hunt and peck.

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Creativity At Its Finest Using a Keyboard

Have a broken or spare keyboard? Don’t throw it! This video will show how you can upcycle old keyboard and make it into a beautiful masterpiece.

Original post by Geeky McFangirl

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Brilliant Hacks You Can Do At Home

This post provides plenty of much needed easy work hacks ranging from DIY iPhone speakers to how to use a sticky note to clean your keyboard, or better yet, stop it from overheating by letting it stand on an egg carton and get back to typing.

1) Clean earphone jack using a tape and paper clip.

2) Have a phone speaker using plastic cups and toilet paper tubes.

3) Organize cables using binder clips as well.

4) Create a phone stand with paper clips.

5) Have a handy ruler by taking a photo of it with an accurate measure.

6) Strengthen cords using a pen spring.

7) Arrange cords using cardboard tubes.

8) Use 3M hooks to hang IPad and small TV screens.

9) Use an empty egg carton as a stand to avoid a laptop overheat.

10) You can design your keyboards using Washi tapes.

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