Fast Typing Tonics Take Typists Further

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Typesy offers several opportunities to further develop your touch typing skills, once you have mastered the basics of touch typing and want to concentrate on getting your typing speed up at or over 80-90wpm, or to aim for more than 90% accuracy in your typing. With quick review and practice courses that are designed to hone specific skills, you’ll be able to take that spare 15 minutes in your day and get a useful boost in your typing abilities.

Fast Typing Tonics are quick courses that you can use when you require further instruction regarding a specific aspect of typing. Each tonic is designed to take no longer than fifteen minutes to complete. Keeping the instruction short makes it easier to plan time to complete it.

Keyboard Tonic is an ultra-condensed version of the Home Row, Top Row and Bottom Row lessons taught during the Typesy Beginner course. This practice session reminds you which fingers go where so that, while touch typing, you can start relying more on your memory than your sight. Remember, constantly looking at the keyboard slows your typing speed and makes it difficult to keep track of your work.

The Speed Tonic consists of a series of computer generated drills that focus on typing speed. Use the Speed Tonic whenever you want to work on improving your touch typing speed.

Accuracy Tonic also consists of a series of computer generated drills. These drills are designed to help you improve touch typing accuracy.

Keypad Tonic is another course that takes fifteen minutes or less to complete. Like the Keyboard Tonic, this course offers an ultra-condensed version of the number row lessons taught during the Typesy beginner course. If you currently work with large batches of digits, or you will in the future, the Keypad Tonic is a must-do. You’ll be happy you did!

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